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Custom email notifications in Workspace ONE UEM

Your Workspace ONE UEM environment is functioning great. Non-compliant devices are dealt with without compassion. The security team is happy! But somehow when an employee receives a message from Workspace ONE saying that their device is not compliant, they haven’t got a clue to what the message means. The default message templates that Workspace ONE UEM provides aren’t completely user friendly in my opinion. In this blog post we’re going to cover this topic and see how we might improve upon them! Read More

Let’s talk Okta

The past few weeks I have been focussing a lot on Okta. This is mainly due to the availability of the SCIM provisioning of users and groups from Okta to Workspace ONE. Okta is one of the leading cloud identity providers. Before the availability of the SCIM adapter it was already possible to use Okta as a third party identity provider (IdP). So what has changed?

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Event Notifications (webhooks) in Workspace ONE UEM

One of the most understated features of Workspace ONE definitely is Event Notifications. In this post we will go over the topic and its use cases, and a short guide on how to implement it in your environment.

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